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Soft washing is a relatively new process in the pressure washing industry. It involves the use of higher volumes of water and low pressure. Most times, the pressure is equivalent to what your own garden hose produces. By utilizing soft washing instead of traditional pressure washing, Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC is able to achieve superior results without the chance of any damage occurring to the surface being cleaned. This is due to the extremely low pressure being applied to your home.


Because soft washing is a relatively new process, we seldom advertise the fact that this is our primary cleaning method. Instead, we choose to market pressure washing and then educate our clients on the advantages of soft washing versus the use of high pressure in traditional pressure washing. Although we still offer traditional pressure washing in some instances, soft washing is by far our most popular and most used service! In short, we often market to our clients with the names they know


The use of the lower pressure in soft washing is superior to traditional power washing. It’s been long believed that pressure washing is necessary because the high pressure is able to remove organic pollutants that are present on your home’s exterior. However, there are a couple of big disadvantages to utilizing high pressure to clean your home.

First of all, using high pressure significantly increases the chances of your property being damaged. Even consumer-grade pressure washers commonly reach pressures in excess of 3,000psi. Whereas the normal operating pressure for soft washing is approximately 200psi or less.

Secondly, you should never clean your home’s exterior with only the use of high pressure. It’s equivalent to simply pruning bushes and landscaping in your yard. In other words, your simply encouraging the spread and resurgence of organic pollutants that are currently on your home.

However, in soft washing, we apply a cleaning solution to your home that is specifically meant to neutralize and remove mold and mildew that is present on your property. In closing, between the possibility of damage and the fact that utilizing high pressure will actually cause more organic growth accumulation on your siding, you can see why soft washing has become the preferred method of house washing.


Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC has been professionally soft washing homes in Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas for years. We welcome prospective clients to check our reviews on Google and other websites. This will verify that we do produce the immaculate results that we promise. We rarely have one-time clients.

Most of our clientele remain loyal to our company because of our ability to restore their property to it’s highest potential. So, if you currently live in Fayetteville or surrounding areas, we invite you to have your home’s annual maintenance performed by us. Or, if you happen to be listing your home to sell, you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to receive an incredible return on investment that our professional pressure washing (and of course, soft washing) services will provide to you. If you have any specific questions on our process, we will be happy to answer them for you. Call our office now to book your appointment!