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The common misunderstanding is all pressure washers are the same. Hook your hose up to your small pressure washing machine and you have everything you need, right? Unfortunately, no. This kind of equipment limits your ability to clean in a prompt, effective, and safe manner. Inferior power washing equipment integrated with inexperienced operators puts your property at a higher risk for damage. Many people presume cranking up the pressure and getting closer to the surface is the only method to clean your siding. High pressure should only be used on masonry surfaces areas and still needs to be used with caution, in conjunction with professional cleaning agents.


Professional power washing equipment is generally belt or gear driven and installed on a trailer or truck. Commercial grade equipment normally needs a tank fed supply of water to keep up with the higher volume output demand. Professional pressure washers are enhanced for high flow/volume cleaning. This means that cleaning detergents can be used very rapidly to whole homes or structures in very little time. Utilization of professional equipment permits pressure washing professionals to apply detergents to surface areas approximately 3 stories from the ground. Increased flexibility and effectiveness relates to decreased costs for our clientele.

Ask concerns and more questions. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle, the last thing any homeowner requires is a damaged home due to an unskilled service technician using inferior equipment. What type of equipment is being used? Is it trailer installed, belt driven, and tank fed? A reputable company will address this concern rapidly with a positive “Yes!”. Professional house cleaning needs to be done from the ground with professional equipment. Not inferior equipment and a ladder that’s damaging your siding.


Power washers constructed for homeowner will hardly ever be built using high grade components. The typical life span of a customer type power washer will be less than 50 hours of use, and some will last even less than that!

I know that sounds like a really short time for something that you would pay that much cash for, however remember the average homeowner will take 10 years to put 50 hours on a power washer where a professional company might do that in 3 or 4 days. Exactly what we in the industry describe as consumer machines most generally cost far less than those made for use by a professional! As you can see a power washer that is manufactured for use by the typical home owner will not last long being used as a specialist will need to, so the professional system will be made of parts that are far more exceptional in quality.

Since most consumer pressure washers only produce 2-3gpm of output, this will result on your home taking substantially longer to clean. Many times, this will result in the user relying on higher pressure to increase efficiency. So, it’s in your best interests to hire a professional contractor that utilizes professional grade equipment. Otherwise, your home may suffer severe damage!