HomeFayetteville, NCIs It Important To Clean Concrete?

Owning a home takes a lot of work to maintain and keep everything in order. This includes the interior and the exterior of your home. I’m sure there are things on the maintenance list such as HVAC cleaning, roof repairs, lawn care, etc. However, I am sure there are things that have not been thought of, or that you did not realize needed to be maintained.

Today we will focus on the concrete. Just like everything else, the concrete around your home needs to be cared for and maintained. This includes, but is not limited to sidewalks, driveways, patios, even pool decks.

Due to concrete being a porous material, it may be difficult to tell when it needs to be cleaned. Here at Carolina Pressure Pros, we recommend yearly cleaning. If you do not have the experience and the tools that are need for a good, deep cleaning, then doing it yourself may not be enough and may require investing in a professional pressure washing service.

Concrete is exposed to various elements such as rain, oil, sun, and being driven on in some cases. These are all causing damage to the concrete and causing deterioration. Every bit of bacteria that gets into your concrete is slowly eating away at it. This lessens the durability of the surface and can cause cracks. You are not able to see the bacteria, therefor you wouldn’t know until it’s to late. By then, the damage could be very extensive and leave to expensive repairs.

With yearly, professional cleaning, you can help ensure that your concrete is kept in great condition. This will also help maintain the value in your home.

There are many pros to having your concrete professionally cleaned. Here are a few.

It is safer. Concrete that hasn’t been cleaned tends to have build-ups that may include mold growth, oil slicks and even mildew. This causes your concrete to become slippery and may cause someone to fall.

It helps maintain property value. Although you may not be worried about this part now, if you ever decide to sell your home then this should be considered. Maintaining your home and keeping everything in great shape will affect the value in the future.

It looks better. We often hear clients say their concrete isn’t dirty or doesn’t need cleaning. That is, until we clean it. Of course, then they are amazed at the difference between what was cleaned verses what wasn’t cleaned.

Concrete cleaning may not be on the top of your list, but it should be on there. We only mentioned a few benefits of having it done, but there are many more benefits that should be considered. Contact Carolina Pressure Pros to have your concrete professionally cleaned.